Friday, January 13, 2012

You lucky psyducks, you!

So, once again you guys are getting a two-fer-one with the Pokemon. Today, I'm not trying to make up for anything... It's just that I couldn't decide which one to post, and realized "I can post TWOOOOOOOOOO!"

And that's why you're all lucky psyducks. Cuz you get two.

The first one there is a beautiful (shiny) picture of a realistic Pokeball. I really like the shiny parts.
The second is a Fractal if a personal favorite Pokemon, Arcanine, one of the first generation of legendary pokemon, before they decided to add those friggin birds in.

Enjoy, comment, make requests!


  1. Yeah the pokeball is great ;)
    Is it real or photoshop ?

  2. You're good at fractals. Can you do a bulbasaur wallpaper?

  3. None of these are things that I made, just things that I found. If I find a Bulbasaur fractal, I'll post it, but I don't have one, and have no idea how to make one.

    As for the Pokeball, no idea, I just know that it looks realistic. If I were to guess, I'd say it was real, based on the detail in the grass- it would take way too long to photoshop that, unless they had a prior reference and just swapped the Pokeball in in place of whatever was there before.

  4. sweet growlithe... or is it arcanine? Arcanine. Either way, fire pokemon ftw

  5. The pokeball is awesome! also nice most of the wallpapers are awesome! nice

  6. These wallpapers are awesome, keep it up man!