Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So, after taking a day to calm my rage, I think I can calmly relay this- the list is gone. The one I was working on for weeks, cataloging every goddamn wallpaper... Kaput. It was on my 500Gb External Hard Drive, and that got smashed. There goes a crapload of movies and music, too...

Anyhow. I still have all of the wallpapers, those were saved on my main hard drive, so no worries there. If there's any call for it, I can restart the list, but at this point, I doubt anyone really cares.

So, now it's gonna be back to the same system as before, if you can call it a system. Post some requests and I will fill them. If there are no requests, I'll post whatever I feel like. Hang around, engage in some friendly conversation, hell, check out the ads on my page- Adsense pays when people click the ads. (Don't overdo it, though, they hate people who just click the ads a bunch of times.) In short, if you're interested even in the slightest in my ads, check 'em out!

Now, with all that out of the way, I believe I have some requests for some sexy women. Well, out of my collection, here's all I got: