Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Quick post again

Not a lot of time to chat this morning, gotta get to school. Enjoy this amazing Okami wallpaper, and let me know if you have any requests!


  1. A tad bit small to fit my screen but the scene is beautiful. Was mainly looking at the tree and didn't notice the fox on the left lol, I thought it was flowers.

  2. Earl, obviously you've never played Okami. Not only is that a Wolf, (not a fox) it's the coolest wolf to ever grace the Video Gaming World- Amaterasu, the chief deity of Japan, and god(dess) of the Sun.

    And you get to Play as her.

  3. Good work in this one. I'd like to see a wallpaper of guitars that are blasting out notes. If you can find one, I'd be grateful.